Bionic Gear Bag

I just found instructions how to sew a Bionic Gear Bag. It seems to be a very popular sewing project based on tons of images posted on Instagram using hashtag #bionicgearbag – and I do not wonder why. The bag is so clever for storing all kinds of small stuff – and as a sewing hobbyist I have plenty of those.

Multicoloured fabrics with flowers, checks, stripes and several prints was not what i was looking for. So I decided to use the familiar camouflage fabric on top and single colour fabrics on the pockets. It seems that the camo fabric is finally all gone now –almost…

bionic gear bag -tarvikkeita
Zippers and pieces
bionic gear bag
I wouldn’t have managed to sew this seam with a regular sewing machine. Using the power gear (worm gear) of my Husqvarna Viking 2000 Model 6030 and 100 needle all the fabric layers and the stabilizer were sawn easily. There are totally 24 layers of fabric on the thickest parts and they barely went under the foot. I used curtain clips instead of needles.
bionic gear bag
Bionic Gear Bag done
bionic gear bag
Bionic Gear Bag ready

Bionic Gear Bag homepage

Pattern and instructions bought from Craftsy