Husqvarna Viking 3600 won’t pick up bobbin thread

I got two Husqvarna Viking 3600 Series machines for service. The problem with the another machine is that it does not catch the lower thread and therefore won’t form the stitch.

Based on the service manual I have determined that the possible problem might be related to the needle to hook clearance. The space between shuttle hook and needle should not exceed 0.4 mm but in this case it is just a bit larger. To my opinion it would be best if the hook would touch the needle just a little bit so it made a barely hearable sound. Small contact is not a problem but took big clearance is.

Project continues

08/16/2016, an hour later: I tested it with an other shuttle. Now it picks the thread but still drops every 5th stitch…

08/16/2016, six hours later: Thanks for the tips to professionals on Ompeluelämää Facebook group. It was about timing which is now fixed and the bobbin thread is picked normally. There is still lots to do…

08/16/2016, eight hours later: The knob of the stitch length device is broken. Shit.

Download Service Manual