Sewing cover stitch – start and finish

There are a few tips on sewing cover stich that are not necessarily explained in the instruction manual.

I explain the following important steps on the demo video (spoken Finnish with English subtitles):

  • Starting the first seam after threading and attaching the needles following the instruction manual. Trimming the threads so they won’t get stuck at the beginning of sewing.
  • Starting on top of the fabric and if needed helping the fabric to feed evenly by pulling the threads backwards gently until the fabric is fully under the presser foot.
  • Finishing the seam on the fabric, lifting the needles to their highest position by turning the handwheel forwards so the stitch is fully formed.
  • Lifting the presser foot, pulling needle threads towards you and cutting them in a manner so the stitch get locked and all the threads are in a correct position and ready to start a new seam.

This demo has been done using Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S21 overlock / coverlock serger  and the instructions are valid with type S25 as well. Most propably the demo works with all the other coverlock machines as well.